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In the Food Retail World there is a simple rule for merchandising displays, if it doesn't look good to you then it won't look good to anyone else. Just about anyone and everyone who has built a product display of any kind has great pride in the finished result. For me, over the years I've built hundreds if not thousands by now and thought I would put a few of them on here because of that pride I have in how they turned out. Unfortunately I lost most of my library of personal pics in a computer crash a few years ago but here are a few.

In my food retail career, displays I have made have won 8 contests so far that were either internal regional competitions with the companies I worked at or regional display contests across the industry. Merchandising sells and no matter if it's a large Superstore or small Co-op store, you can be aggressive in your merchandising and displaying of products you shouldn't be afraid to think BIG. It doesn't take a lot of product to make things look BIG either.

If you have pics of your own displays that you would like to share with visitors to Food Retail World I would be happy to add a page to the website for submissions from visitors, feel free to contact me by e-mail at :

The first group contain some of the different displays that have won regional contests. Top left won the internal 2009 Fall Baking Promotion with Co-op Atlantic. Top Right won the Atlantic Canada regional Cash For Kids promotion of 2008 sponsored by Saputo Foods and the remaining three are the winning display for the internal 2011 ConAgra Foods display contest and promotion with Co-op Atlantic.

At the store I currently work we do not have a lot of space but have been able to do great things with supporting vendors. The following are examples of special promotions and new product launches with some of them.

From the group below, the top right and centre pics are from the Co-op Atlantic's Eat Atlantic promotion. All of the products you see there are all produced in Atlantic Canada.

The remaining pics are from my days at the Loblaws owned Spryfield Atlantic Superstore which has since been converted to a No Frill's franchised store. When the different seasonal President's Choice Insider's Report time came around, some of the best displays you'll ever see were around our stores in Atlantic Canada. Here are just a few of ones we did.


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