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The links on this page are what I believe to be the best sources of news and information for the food retail industry and retail industry as a whole. If you have links to resources you would like to see here, please feel free to e-mail me at

All opinions expressed here are my own and have not been solicited from the sources. As an individual operating a not for profit site I do not have the financial means to subscribe to paid subscriptions or pay services and can only speak to what I know or have seen as objectively as I can.

They are all presented in no specific order.


Publication Name & Link



Supermarket News has both a great website and publication focused mainly on North America. The website offers a wealth of free news and information including daily news and profiles on retailers and annual ranking reports of top retailers by sales etc. At one time I received a free subscription to the publication but it lapsed where I wasn't able to renew it being a resident of Canada.

The publication is available by paid subscription.


Canadian Grocer as a magazine is informative and well done though I would like to see more information to do with retailer statistics such as ranking reports etc. In special issues I have seen, they are geared more toward category management and food manufacturers than retailers themselves. Their website has received significant improvements in recent years with respect to free news content and more but the site is still "not there" in my opinion compared to other publications / websites. There is not much by way of links to information or resources and a lot of the content and blogs are not updated regularly/consistently.

Free subscriptions of the print version are available to qualified industry insiders as well as paid subscriptions also.

A new publication launched in Canada in 2011 that is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine. Both the publication and website are very well done and to my understanding still in development. Hopefully that will bring links and content to the site that will even further elevate them above Canadian Grocer. The Grocery Business site already offers something they don't, free digital versions of the magazine for current and past issues along with news and events, image galleries, a twitter news feed and a lot more. This one is a "must see" in my opinion.

Free subscriptions to the print version are available for qualified subscribers and paid subscriptions are also available.


From the National Retail Federation is Stores Magazine that covers all areas of retail internationally. The website while offering a lot of information has grown somewhat cluttered but good just the same. They are a great source for ranking reports on the retail industry such as the annual Global Powers of Retailing top 250 that they have available there for free. Unfortunately they no longer have the magazine available for free online though extracts of current issues are available.

Paid subscriptions to either the print or digital versions are available. Too expensive for me where even the digital version would be $120. When it was available online for free I found it invaluable. It could be worth the rates if you can afford it.


Another very good publication, Progressive Grocer covers all areas of food retailing from perspectives of manufacturing, category management and retailing. Their website offers a lot of current news information in many areas. A lot of their reports are "sponsored" or done via partnerships so the objectivity of them may not be there and could be biased as a result ?

The publication's digital edition is available for free online and the printed version is available by paid subscription. Free subscriptions to qualified industry insiders are also available.

Always one of my favourites, they are an excellent source of news and information in the Food Retail World. Their website offers a lot of free news and information too.

Digital versions of the magazine are available on the site and subscriptions to the print version are also available. ( Free to qualified subscribers also I believe.)


I've only ever seen two sample copies of this all German publication but it appeared to be very comprehensive. Their website is also German only but with google tranlsate very readable. They are an excellent resource for international information and with a little searching you can find ranking information by country for different retailers and different forms of retail. Even with the language barrier,that is excellent free informaition. They have a wide range of options available for subscriptions to their site and publication but again, as an individual not affordable to me personally so I can't speak to the quality of them.


I have not seen the printed version of The Grocery Trader but their website has a fair amount of information focused less on actual retailers and more on products and services. Decent but not exceptional but it could be a matter of taste/interest.

They have free digital editions available via e-mail and online and paid subscriptions available for the print version.

This is a great publication with an excellent overview of all forms of chain store retailing. Unfortunately the free subscription I had lapsed and wasn't able to renew being from Canada so I can't speak too much to their content now. Their website has free downloadable news and information that is also very good and well done.

Paid subscription is available for the print version. No digital version available that I am aware of.


For information on Private Labels this publication is second to none. Publisher/Editor Philip Fitzell is a well known expert in the world of Exclusive Brands and his publication has a wealth of related news and information with their digital edition available free online. Paid subscriptions for the printed version are also available. More information on their publications is available on the Private Label page here on Food Retail World.


One of my favourite magazines that I wasn't able to renew my free subscription to, their magazine was an excellent resource for news and information that I found to be a great for keeping up to date on all forms of retailing. Their website has news and some information available for free that you have to sign up for in order to be able to download.

If you qualify as an industry insider, you can get a free subscription. If not, paid subscriptions are available. No digital version available that I am aware of.


One of the leading industry magazines in Australia, I have only ever seen a sample copy of the magazine once but it was informative and laid out well in my opinion. The website is an extension of the magazine with a lot of news briefs and good general information.

Oddly enough there is nothing by way of information about subscribing to their magazine there though it is available by paid subscription. If you want it you may have to search to find out how to get it.


If you are looking for information specific to Warehouse Club stores, their Warehouse Club Focus magazine is just the thing for you. For the year that I had my free subscription I was impressed by the information that was covered but found that for the rates required to subsribe to the magazine it was somewhat brief with not a lot of content page count wise. More about quality than quantity of information could describe it best.

Free trial subscriptions are available and full paid subscriptions for personal and corporate licenses.


Cash magazine from Austria (and their website) is all German only but a decent resource for interesting information on the industry in Europe. Google translate works very well with the site. They cover a wide range of areas in the world of food manufacture, distribution and retail.

Printed version is available by paid subscription with their digital version of the current issue available on the "About Us" page. HERE for example.


From Norway, their name translates simply to "Grocery Stores". Though I can't speak to the printed version, I do like their website and contents. Most of it is in Norwegian with some English content but google translate works well throughout anyway. My favourite part of their site are the gallery slideshows. Fantastic images there of a number of retailers' operations.

Paid subscriptions to the printed magazine are available. I don't believe they have a digital version that I could tell.

I have never seen the printed version but I highly recommend their website. This U.K. publication has a lot of news and information on their site broadly covering a lot to do with retail of all forms. Add to that the gallery pages they have and more and this is a site you should visit often.

Free subscriptions to e-mail newsletters are available as well as paid subscription to the printed magazine also. I don't believe they have a digital version.


A weekly newspaper on food retailing with a focus on Denmark, I have not seen the actual printed version. Their website is Danish only but google translate works well enough to be able to interpret the news for the region that is there. Overall their website content is decent and informative.

Free trial subscriptions and paid full subscriptions to their newspaper are available.

A leading retail trade publication in Spain, I have not seen the printed version but using google translate have found their website to be very good with the news and information they provide that is free even though there are quite a few things you can't access without the paid subscription that is available. Same for their digital version / reports I believe.

You need a paid subscription to access.


From the Netherlands this is an all Dutch newspaper available by paid subscription. Their website is google translate friendly and provides decent free content and news on a broad range of areas to do with food retailing including industry figures and more.

A detailed publication obviously focused on Europe, a sample of their magazine is available HERE The website itself has good general news briefs but overall not a lot of content.

Printed version available by paid subscription.

Distribution being an important aspect of food retail, I have found this to be very informative and useful in understanding that part of the business.

Best of all, the magazine is available free online including many of their back issues.

A publication in Belgium, they offer broad coverage of the FMCG and food retail industry. The website has google translate friendly news and information though not a lot of content there really.

The magazine is available by paid subscription but they do have samples of it on their site. They looked good to me but I do not speak French or Dutch.


From the U.K., I have not seen their printed magazine but their website has a lot of news information covering many areas of food retail. My only complaint is that their website looks more like a blog than a professional publications' website but don't be fooled, in spite of that, they are an excellent resource to stay current on the industry.

Paid subscriptions to the printed magazine are available.


French publication that covers a wide range of topics to do with retail, distribution and more. Their website has limited but decent content that is available for free.

Paid subscriptions for full access of their website and the printed magazine are available though you will need google translate or similar to navigate.


Russian magazine on the retail industry that is partners with other leading trade publications including Cash and Lebensmittel Zeitung above. Though tricky to find using translation tools, the website is a good source for news for that region. For example, I discovered there is a growing chain of supermarkets named "Three Bananas" (have to find links to them). Paid subscriptions to their magazine are available. I don't believe there is a digital edition though on their website you can see content of back issues.


Mundo Retail is a magazine in Chile covering a wide range of topics in the general world of retail. Their Spanish website does not offer much by way of content but if you are looking for information in that region this may be a good source.

The magazine is available by paid subscription and they have a sample issue on their website.

Focusing on Ireland, Retail News is available by paid subscription. Unfortunately their website is minimal content wise but they do have a good directory of some of Ireland's retail businesses there. Hopefully their print magazine offers more than the website.


Another magazine from Ireland, though I haven't seen the print version I can say their website is very well done with a lot of information, news and even videos available for free. Definitely a good resource.

Paid subscriptions are available through their publisher's website HERE


A South Africa publication, they have a digital edition available online that is well done and informative plus their website has a decent amount of news and information. A feature I like on it is their "Store Visit" section where you will find lots of images of different businesses and their operations.

Paid subscriptions to the print version are available.


Unrelated to the U.S. Supermarket News, this magazine is published in New Zealand. I haven't seen it myself but have heard it is very well done. Their website has the basics with respect to current news but minimal would best describe the content.

Paid subscriptions to the print version are available.


Several years ago I received copies of the print magazine and was impressed with the content and information they provide. I can only assume that hasn't changed. They are a leading trade publication in the U.K. with a fair amount of free news and information on their website.

Paid subscriptions to the print version are available.


Also from the U.K., there is nothing I can say about the print version as I haven't seen it and the website is essentially advertising for the magazine with no other content of interest.

Paid subscriptions to the print version are available.

From Hungary is Trade Magazin. Again, I haven't seen the printed version but their website does have a good amount of interesting news and information for the region in English as well as annual ranking reports of retailers there. An excellent resource for region specific information.

Paid subscriptions to the print version are available.

This magazine and website provide great news and insights in the world of Produce retailing as a part of food retail. I recommend you check out the Display Photos section for some amazing pics.

Subscriptions to the printed version of the magazine are free to qualified insiders or available by paid subscription.


Focused on food retailing in Western Canada I have only seen two copies of their magazine over the years and to me were comparable to Canadian Grocer at the time. Their website is little more than an ad for the magazine itself though and you can't tell their quality or quantity of information they publish.

Paid subscriptions to the print version are available.


Website Name & Link



For a North American perspective this is the best site by far for daily news and information on the food retail industry and of course it's totally free.

A U.K. website launched in 2010 that has is an excellent source of current news and events in the world of retail including food retail and more. Best of all it's all free also.

Website for leading food industry expert Phil Lempert, Supermarket Guru offers a lot of product information and insights. In spite of that, my opinion is that Supermarket Guru has lost focus and passion. Check out the videos on their site now and check Youtube for ones from the past, the excitement is gone. Now it's all business.

From Ukraine is the impressive All Retail site that offers great information on retail in that country and surrounding areas. I found it very helpful to find out who the retailers are in that region.

Even though the site has no English content I found google translate to work reasonably well enough to navigate and comprehend a lot of it.


Considering the growth and evolution of the food retail industry in China, this is a great resource for news and information for the

I highly recommend this site for news and information from just about all areas related to food and food retailing. They cover a broad variety of topics and companies in the business. A lot of excellent free content and if you chose, a lot of reports etc. available for a price. I haven't seen them and can't speak to the quality or quantity of information they may have.


For information on the produce area of food retailing you can try Power-Produce. They have some free information, photos and links for that area of the industry on their site as well as offering consulting services and more.

Offering daily news stories they are a retail focused discussion forum for topics covering the world of retail and have a lot of useful free information available along with more reports and information available for purchase.


The Coriolis Research firm from New Zealand offers a number of free research reports and case studies on many topics related to food retail. For example here is a link to their report Costco In Australia from their site. They are an excellent source for news and information for that part of the world plus their services for hire cover a wide range of areas in research and consultation and more. After seeing some of the projects they have done I am impressed with the work they do.

Euromonitor International is a well known research, analysis and consulting firm with offices in a number of countries that offer resources for many industries including food retailing.

As with most of these firms, the majority of the reports they have available are not affordable to individuals (like me) but is a great source to know what information they have that businesses can obtain for a price

In the media Euromonitor is often quoted as being the source for quoted figures/information which must speak to the quality of their work.

Probably one of the largest and most respected research and consulting firms is Planet Retail who offer some very good free news and information from their site with most other things available for a fee that ranges from the reasonable to the totally unaffordable (for individuals).

In the past I have purchased a few of the less expensive reports on retailers in Canada ( Loblaws, Wal-mart and Sobeys ) but was disappointed in the content which I found to be repetitive and what could be easily found in the company annual reports and elsewhere.

On the other hand, when it comes to information on retailer rankings they are second to none and are the most quoted source in the international media by far.

It's a tough call as to how much value the information and reports they offer are overall given the limited access I've had to it. Buyer beware ?


In North America especially, Nielsen is considered THE source for market data, information and more for a number of industries including food retail.

Unfortunately they don't offer too much that is free on their many websites for their locations around the world. Formerly known as AC Nielsen, for years many well known manufacturers and retailers have turned to them for what they have to offer.

From what I have found in the operation of this website though is that they seem to have a degree of arrogance in their operations as multiple requests I've made for basic information on their Spaceman software for Space Management have gone unanswered. Somewhat poor customer service for a consumer based group ?


In business for over 100 years is IGD who also have a large offering of reports, analysis and more for purchase from their site. They do have some reports and information that are free but most of what they have to offer is with businesses in mind so individuals likely wouldn't be able to afford most of what they have to offer. I know I can't.


With prices that are definitely not for individuals like me, they have a wealth of information and directories available. Depending on what you are looking for, what they offer can range in price from $450 US to $7000 US give or take.


From the U.K. newspaper The Guardian there is a fair amount of decent news and current events in their Supermarkets part of the business section at the link provided. A great resource for insights in that country. All free of course.


Have you ever wondered what the future holds for retailing or what stores of the future will be like ? If so, Metro Group from Germany has some of the answers to that. The Future Store Initiative is something that has been around since 2003 where they develop and implement processes and technology in developing retailing for the future with the ultimate part of the program being the implementation in their actual Future Store in Toenisvorst, Germany under their Real banner. This one is a MUST SEE !


Provides food business reviews, comment and business information. It also provides market analysis reports from global suppliers of market research and industry analysis.

I have not seen their reports or analysis but recommend you visit their site for "by category" news and information that's very useful and informative. There is a lot of free content available.


Governments/Databases Etc



If you are looking for government filings for any publicly traded Canadian company then this is where to look. Everything from stock purchases and annual reports to proxy reports and more. (Sedar stands for System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval.)


Similar to the above is the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's searchable database of filings they call EDGAR (stands for Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval). You can find a lot of information you don't usually see in the polished printed annual reports companies distribute in the 10-k filings that are here.


Have you ever wondered where UPC's come from ? GSI is the non-profit association that develops the standards for them as well as assignment of them and more. A very interesting site.


A division of GS1 above, not too far off in the future it is likely most retail products will have RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification ) tags to allow businesses to track products from manufacture to point of sale and as more sites pop up offering information on the developments, ones like this for the non profit organization EPCglobal will proove to be very useful.

So far this is one of the best ones with RFID information.


These days with food safety being an integral part of food retail, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is a great resource to stay current on the subject with a wealth of information there including product recall notices and more. Keep in mind that rules, regulations and poilicies differ from country to country.

The American equivelant of the above, they also offer a lot of excellent information related to food safety. Keep in mind that rules, regulations and poilicies differ from country to country.


Another Canadian Government site, Industry Canada has a wealth of areas for finding information on businesses and industries in Canada including Trademark Data, Business Sector reports and a whole lot more.

Unfortunately the Canadian government is never too current on retail information but what is available is useful for background knowledge.


Similar to the above, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is an excellent resource to find information on mergers, divestures, competition, laws and regulations and more with a searchable database.


The U.S. government Foreign Agriculture Service provides a wealth of information and reports free to visitors including the Retail Food Sector Attache reports located on this site. From there are links to the rest of the U.S. Department of Agriculture sites. Use the link to the left for searches AFTER July 2, 2009


The U.S. government Foreign Agriculture Service provides a wealth of information and reports free to visitors including the Retail Food Sector Attache reports located on this site. From there are links to the rest of the U.S. Department of Agriculture sites. Use the link to the left for searches BEFORE July 2, 2009

Focusing on the overall retail industry in Canada their site no longer offers much by way of free content and most things are reserved for members. Too bad really, they used to be a fantastic resource.

Their publication "Canadian Retailer" magazine is free to members of the council or available by paid subscription. Discounted student rates are also available.

Though based in the U.S. the NRF is an association that represents retail companies of all kinds from over 45 countries. Their website and related blogs and pages have some very good information and resources. Naturally a membership in the NRF would give you access to even more. An excellent site just the same. STORES above is their magazine.

Similar to the above, their website does have some general free information but most requires membership of the consortium or via paid subscription to their services.


A not for profit organization representing over 680 member companies, they are active in marketing produce in Canada and according to their site are responsible for 90% of produce sales in Canada.

The website offers some great free information and links beyond their produce focus also.

Website for the Grocery Manufacturers Associaton there is a decent amount of free reports and information available there. A great resource also is their member directory with links to more than 300 manufacturers.









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