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Annual Reports

Below are links to Annual Reports for over 150 companies from around the world. In many cases they are parent companies of some of the retailers you may recognize and in other cases they are companies in countries that you may not have heard of. They are all very informative and a great resource for seeing how companies operate in different countries and the results they have achieved.

To get their most recent annual report just click on the company logo. Please note, in an effort to conserve disc space on the servers I use, the links provided are all to external sources. Most files are in Adobe PDF form, some are just links to the appropriate page of company websites or to the online viewable format for the report. Doing it this way will also make it easier to keep this page up to date.

Please feel free to contact me if you need further assistance obtaining a report or to report a dead link here, just e-mail me at or contact me via my Facebook page at or by my Facebook e-mail at


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Now that Wal-mart, Tesco and other world leading retailers are focusing attention on India it is important to note that they also have existing businesses growing in their own right. 6Ten has 344 stores in that country and growing.

Formerly known as Ito-Yokado, 7&i are a very diversified company. Another great link that profiles their company is HERE

The struggles of A&P are known more than anything about their company. That too must have had a major impact on their business. Hopefully the company and their customers will eventually be able to leave that all behind.

The ACI Logistics division of ACI Limited as I understand it operate the Fresh ' Near stores in Bangladesh but there is no mention of them on the corporate website that I could find.

Anyone who has followed the industry for as long as I have should be impressed with how much Aeon has grown. They set the long term goal of becoming a global retail power and have been very successful in getting there.

Owners of the X5 Retail Group below, Alpha is quite a large consortium involved in everything from retailing to oil and gas production and more.

The best known of the Arden Group's holdings is the Gelson's chain of supermarkets of California.

We don't hear too much about Sri Lanka retail but the Arpico chain of supercentres are enough to make them one of the biggest retailers in that country.

Even though they didn't have much success with their stores in the U.S., as they grow into Russia and former Soviet Union countries they are the leader in many markets / countries.

A divirse group, Axel Johnson is involved in manufacturing and distribution beyond food. Among their holdings is the Axfood company below for which they own 50.1% of.

Axfood own and operate 237 stores and have franchise type agreements with another 840 under several different banners giving them a 20% market share of the Swedish market.

Partners with France's Casino Group below, Big C has grown to 108 stores in Thailand carrying over 100,000 items with 60% of it being food products.

With a change in ownership in 2011 they are now a private company under Beacon Holding Inc. which means you likely won't see any more annual reports or SEC filings for them beyond the one here. Currently they have more than 190 stores in 15 states.

Even though their involvement in food retail could be described as minimal, this is a company that could potentially expand where the retail industry in the Middle East is facing a period of growth and expansion.

System Capital Management is a large conglomerate in the Ukraine who own and operate 98 stores of the Brusnytsya chain among many other business interests.

Sri Lanka's largest retailer is the Cargills Ceylon group where the retail division is one of 17 subsidiary companies. Their retail stores fall under the Cargills Food City banner name.

A very broad minded group, they have been quite willing to enter into partnerships to increase their business but not without difficulty. Their attempts of expanding into Iran have them hitting a lot of roadblocks. Several years ago there were rumors of a partnership talks between them and Tesco of the U.K. in order to rival Wal-Mart but I have not seen anything that would confirm talks took place to that effect.

With more than 11,600 stores in eight countries the most impressive fact of all is that 9,461 of them are in their home country of France alone. At one time they owned Smart & Final in the U.S. but like other European companies, they exited the U.S. market a few years ago.

For years Comercial Mexicana had an obviously successful partnership with Costco in the operations of their warehouse club stores there in addition to their own banners.

One of the major players in Latin America, Cencosud has plans to open approximately 70 more stores in 2012 alone. They are present in Chile, Peru, Brazil,Argentina and Colombia.

Owners of Dah Chong Hong holdings, Citic Pacific is a large conglomerate with mining and steel manufacturing being their key business.

Colruyt is a family owned business with operations in Belgium, France and Luxembourg with several hundred stores under half a dozen different banners including SPAR in Belgium, Coccinelle in France and their own namesake stores.

With 2,938 stores, they are the largest retailer in Italy with a 15.4% market share helped along by partnerships with the Italian division of the Rewe Group of Germany as well as Interdis also in Italy.

The Japanese Consumer Co-operative Union website is a great one to check out. They have great information on recovery from the Earthquake / Tsunami of 2011 that hit Japan.

Made up of 127 different Co-operatives, the total number of members is 1,257,139 with 1,049,694 being members of the top 20. Their official name is Coop Norge SA.

Formerly known as Co-op Schweiz, they are now just calle the Co-op Group. Their annual report is very comprehensive in that among their figures they break down their sales and turnover information by store size and also by store type. Very informative.

"KF" is the Swedish Co-operative Union made up of 44 Co-operatives with over 3,000,000 members. All in all, they have a 21.5% market share of the grocery sector in Sweden.

Once known as the Co-operative Wholesale Society, The Co-operative Group has become a retail power in it's own right. Their 2009 acquisition of the Somerfield chain in the U.K. put them among the top five largest food retailers there.

It is always interesting that whenever there is rumors of retail construction the Costco name is always thrown in the mix as a likely builder when they have been the least aggressive when it comes to expansion and increasing store counts. As it stands they have a total of 598 stores from all of their operations combined including partnerships in Mexico and Taiwan.

A 58% owned Wal-Mart operation since 2009 they have managed to keep most of their banner names with the Lider chain having been rebranded Lider de Wal-Mart.

Including other forms of retail they have over 5,250 stores. Of the food stores, probably the most well known are Wellcome of Hong Kong and Cold Storage of Singapore. At least those are the businesses where I first became aware of them.

Primarily a Department Store type business with not much by way of food retailing beyond their Food Hall operations. Those in their own right have gotten a lot of rave reviews so they belong on Food Retail World.

Even though they are closing 100 stores in the U.S. into 2012 it is not a sign of a company in trouble. Their remaining operations there and around the world are as strong as ever. The U.S. economy just hasn't been kind to Food Retail.

Proof of what is mentioned above is that Delhaize Group in 2011 bought the Maxi chain of 500 stores in Serbia from the Delta M Group here. Naturally they still receive mention in their Annual Report at the link provided.

Another company not afraid to venture into new markets has been Dia of Spain. In that country and six others including China there are more than 6,400 stores that carry their name.

Owned by the Megapolis or Mercury Group of Companies, Dixy is another chain in Russia that continues to grow rapidly by most standards. From 1999 to present they now have over 900 stores there.

One of the greatest achievements of Dollar General is that they have done very well at bringing brand names into the world of discount retailing. Where chains like Lidl and Aldi go with private label products, they have been able to offer national brands.

Unfortunately their Annual Report is in Japanese only but I included the link here because it was available and because Food Retail World receives visitors from countries all over the world including Japan.

With a 26% market share of Germany they are that country's largest supermarket business. A retailer co-operative that combined with other big names in the world of retail like Rewe, Metro, Aldi and Lidl showed that Wal-Mart was not invincible when they exited there in 2006 after losses in the billions of dollars.

Even though their Annual Report is in Spanish only, you can make sense of most of it fairly easy and if all else fails google translate is good for the text portions. Looking at it one can't help but be impressed by some of the buildings that carry their name. Just the first page alone says "awesome". That also goes to the scale of their business too.

One of Poland's most successful groups, they have managed to continue their growth while foreign retail companies such as Tesco, Carrefour and others have entered the country and expanded their own operations.

Owners of the Sobeys chain in Canada based here in Nova Scotia. Real Estate and Movie Theatres are among their other businesses. In 2012 they will be replacing Sobeys CEO Bill McEwan who is retiring due to health reasons.

They are Poland's largest retailer by store count with over 4,000 stores including the ABC supermarkets chain of over 3,000.

Founded in 1959, today they have over 6,000 stores in the U.S. and though I read somewhere they have plans of expanding into Canada I haven't been able to find anything on that yet to say it's a fact.

Even though most of their operations fall into the convenience type store category, they are impressive food retailers just the same. With 17,500 stores in seven countries you have to be impressed. I know I am. Afterall, 7 and i above includes the 7-11 chain.

Unfortunately their Annual Report is only in Danish but there is some English content on their website. They are a co-operative with over 1.7 million members.

Another non-English Annual Report, this one in German is for the Fenaco Co-operative in Switzerland. VOLG is one of the chains they operate.

With 680 stores they are New Zealand's largest retailer. The most well known is their New World supermarket chain. Considering the growth of Australian retail companies they have done well to hold their own and grow.

Owners of the Loblaw chain in Canada named after their founder. There is an interesting story to the Weston family not often covered. The link between the Loblaws and Weston of Canada with Associated British Foods where members of the Weston family control both companies. In the past, ownership for both was referred to as being by Wittington Investments so technically speaking as a broad family investment the companies they own are a lot bigger than most are aware of and the relationships likely a lot closer than we know of.

Even though their Annual Report is Spanish only, you can still see the scope of their business. Ranked in the top 5 largest retailers in Mexico, they operate over 180 stores in that country. As part of their growth, in 2005 the acquired the 29 stores Carrefour had when the exited the country.

A worker and consumer co-operative, Grupo Eroski has over 1,600 hypermarkets, supermarkets and cash & carry stores operating in Spain and France. Of that total, 1,100 are in their home country.

Owned by Casino of France, Exito is the largest retailer in Colombia and operate over 260 stores (including non-food retail). The well known Curulla Vivero, Supermercados Ley and Pomona are part of their portfolio. Some by their own design and some through acquisitions.

Since 1999 the Casino Group of France have also had part ownership of Grupo Pao De Acucar in a split arrangement where they and Acucar's former owner each have 50% of the controlling 62% of the company. It sounds confusing but their Annual Report defines it clearly.

Their key form of retail is through their Super Precio chain of 400+ stores. A diversified retailer, they also operate Office Depot in Mexico. They sold off their U.S. interests to Soriana of Mexico in 2007.

Made up of over 30 subsidiary companies, the operate 16 large scale department stores and a chain of 62 supermarkets in Japan.

Although none of their locations were affected by the earthquake and tsunami of 2011, as with other retailers they were quick to respond to those in need with donations of food and relief supplies. In store fund raising alone brought in $675,000 CAD for the relief efforts.

Part of The Co-operative Group above, they operate 30 stores in and around the Coventry region of England. Among their other businesses are non-food stores, travel businesses and funeral services.

Their Annual Report is Japanese only and their website has no English content that I was able to find but using google translate I was able to determine that they operate more than 130 stores in seven prefectures there.

As the food retail industry grows in India this has been a good company to watch where they are independent of the western chains now moving into the country. Their Annual is very detailed and comprehensive for all their operations from sales information down to electricity usage it has quite a lot to offer.

Via their subsidiary company A.S. Watson, they operate the Hong Kong chain Park N Shop as their most well known food retail business. They are also a leader in Health & Beauty retailing where they own nine well known chains.

Owners of the 113 store Panda Supermarket/Hypermarket chain in Saudi Arabia. Their other businesses include food manufacturing, real estate, packaging and more.

Ahold of the Netherlands has 60% ownership. Ica has over 2,150 stores in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania under several banners besides Ica that inlcude Rimi and SuperNetto.

Among their holdings is the largest supermarket chain in Israel; Shufersal (also known as Super-Sal) has more than 240 stores. In total they have a 37% market share in Israel. (Be forewarned though, connecting to Super-Sal website has always been hit and miss)

Based in North Carolina, there are over 200 Ingles stores in six southern states. The company is run by CEO Robert P. Ingle II, son of Ingles' founder who also owns / controls most of the shares for the company.

The company is the result of a merger between Isetan Ltd. and Mitsukoshi Ltd. that began combined operations in 2011. The declared losses from the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 for them was more than $104.3 Million CAD.

More commonly known as "You Me", the Izumiya company below has a 10.54% interest in the company. Currently they have 87 stores / malls in 11 prefectures of Japan.

Also owning 87 stores, the majority of theirs are in Osaka where they have 51. The Annual Report is Japanese & English.

Essentially the first self service supermarket chain in the U.K. today they may not be the biggest but are still regarded as being among the best. For store operations they have 557 supermarkets and 377 convenience stores for a total of 934.

Incorporated in Bermuda, most of the Jardine Matheson Group's businesses and operations are Asian based. They own the Dairy Farm Group above as their food retail company.

Where Ahold publicly stated they would like to sell off thier interest in JM, could it be called a reluctant partnership? Still though, JM is one of Portugal's most successful retail groups and continue to grow and expand. Their operations in Poland are also doing quite well.

Even though their department stores do 77.5% of their sales, their supermarkets and cash & carry businesses do a respectable combined 17.1%. Interestingly, they too have 87 supermarkets; a common number with many companies in Japan.

They are an employee owned enterprise where the "partnership" is actually the trust fund that owns the company. Their namesake department stores are considered to be more high end as retail goes and their Waitrose chain of supermarkets is also considered to be more upscale than most.

Another company I have enjoyed watching grow over the years, they have over 2,000 stores in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia.

After a few years of very modest growth it would seem that Kmart / Sears Holdings aren't beyond their difficult times. In late 2011 it was announced that they would be closing between 100 and 120 stores.

With 2,460 stores in the U.S. they have always focused on the markets there and to my knowledge have no holdings outside of their own country. Great for their profitibility is that they produce 40% of their own private label products in their 40 manufacturing plants.

Annual Report is in Finnish only as is their website. Their most recognizeable chain names in Finland are Siwa and Valintatalo.

Lianhua Supermarket Holdings is China's leading food retailer with over 5,100 stores in that country. Hypermarkets and Supermarkets account for 3,157 of them including franchised stores. A great Annual Report, very westernized.

To give credit where credit is due, it had to happen sooner or later and it was Loblaws that is the first to my knowledge to do it. Last year they were part of a television game show called Recipe to Riches where contestants competed for the opportunity to have their recipes turned into President's Choice products (their premium private label) to be sold by their chain. Galen Weston Jr. and other Loblaw folks appeared on the show throughout its run.

A well recognized name in Brazil retailing, they have a total of 541 stores that are present in all regions of the country. For 2012 and 2013 they plan to open between 110 and 130 stores each year..

Partners with Carrefour, Majid Al Futtaim is the company that will take care of their operations in the Middle East in a number of countries including Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Jordan and others.

Russia's Magnit company has aggressive expansion plans where they hope to open at least 250 stores per year. The majority of their current operations are convenience / small markets with 5,029 at present along with 93 larger hypermarkets. Another company to watch in the coming years.

Officially known as SHV Holdings they are a family owned conglomerate involved in multiple industries. Makro is their part in food retail where they have 196 cash & carry stores in South America and Thailand.

A truly international retailer, M&S have stores in 43 countries outside of the U.K. In North America their attempts haven't worked out so well. In Canada they closed all stores and exited in 1999. In the U.S. after several years of them being up for sale, they were finally able to sell off their Kings Super Markets chain in 2006.

Annual Report is in Japanese only but if you go to their website under the English option they do have information for 2008 and prior years that can give you a general overview of their business.

Effective in June 2011 they became a Wal-Mart business where they purchased 51% of the company. In Africa their best known stores would be Game and Jumbo (not related to other chains of the same name in other countries)

A large and growing retailer in Indonesia, they have 80 department stores, 39 hypermarkets and 29 supermarkets as well as other non-food stores. Hypermart and Foodmart are their food retail stores.

Their business interests include hotels, department stores and the TM Supermarkets chain in Zimbabwe for which Pick 'N Pay has a 25% interest in. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a website for TM that I could find.

They have more than 1,300 stores in 46 of Spain's provinces giving them a 13.1% share of square footage (meters actually) of the food retail landscape of their home country. To date they have no international operations I am aware of.

A major food wholesale/distribution company, their supermarkets there are IGA but it's hard to determine exactly how many stores they actually have. Their information does say they opened 65 stores last year with the goal of similar numbers this year.

One of my favourite companies to watch, especially their Metro Group Future Store Initiative where they not only are coming up with ideas for retailing of the future but have actually implemented many of them in their Future Store to test and tweak the ideas. Check it out for sure and you'll see the future isn't too far away.

Present only in Quebec and Ontario they are still the third largest food retailer in Canada after Loblaws and Sobeys. After they acquired A&P of Canada in 2006, at their request, the CEO of A&P in the U.S, Christian Haub has remained on their board of directors.

Independent of The Co-operative Group, they still work together to maximize buying power. Food store sales account for 70% of their business.

Made up of 10 Co-operatives with over 2,000,000 members, the Migros Group is Switzerland's largest retailer. The Annual Report link here will take you to their site where you can download particular sections or all of the sections of the report. There is no single link to the complete Annual.

Originally developed with Migros above of Switzerland, they are no longer related. Via a merger of two companies in 2009 they began operating as Migros Ticaret A.S. where Migros, Tansas and Ramstore are their best known operations.

A worker owned Co-operative they are the parent of over 250 companies in Spain including Eroski above.

Their current CEO Dalton Philips was recruited from Loblaws in 2009 where he served as Chief Operating Officer since January of 2007. Coincidentally he was the person just weeks into the job who made the announcement to us in Halifax, Nova Scotia that our regional office I worked at was to be all but closed down from their Simply Innovate & Grow initiative in restructuring Loblaws in 2007.

Operating in Ireland and Spain, they have several different banners including Centra, Supervalu and Budgens, a chain they acquired in 2002.

A major distributor they supply a large number of businesses in 36 states and in several other countries mainly due to their contracts with the military. Retailing wise they own the Avanza and Family Fresh Market chains in the U.S.

In their home country of Norway they have a 36.9% market share of food retailing. Among their own holdings are Joker, Meny and Centra not to mention a few others. They have 1,900 stores total between the independents and company owned businesses.

The Northwest Company has been quietly growing across the country over the past few years via openings of their Giant Tiger discount stores.

Founded in 1973, today they have 230 stores making them Singapore's largest retailer.

To be honest I am not too clear on their food retailing operations other than that I read they own Nosso Super as a supermarket chain but I haven't found anything about them on the internet or from the group website / annual report.

O'key are another Russian chain promising rapid growth in store count. At the end of 2010 they had 57 stores. By the end of 2011 they had 73. Not bad at all for a 10 year old business. Agressive company and one to watch for sure.

With more than 50 stores they have a respectable presence in the country though 23 locations are in the capital city of Harare, Zimbabwe.

A division of the Al Othaim Holding Company, Othaim Markets operate more than 100 stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under four formats. Supermarkets and Hypermarkets account for 72.

One of Africa's largest retailers they have 775 stores there. At the end of this fiscal year they will have a new CEO as their current one Nick Badminton has announced his intention to resign the post.

At one time they were owned by Smart & Final in the U.S. but it's not clear if they still are or not. Currently they operate 29 warehouse club stores in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Employee owned, Publix operates more than 1,000 stores in the southern U.S. states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee. Their headquarters is in Lakeland, FL.

A member of IGA since 2004, today they are one of the largest regional chains in Northeast China with 53 stores. They have 33 supermarkets, 16 hypermarkets and 4 department stores there.

Their main form of food retail is via the Rema 1000 chain which they operate in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Latvia. In total they have just under 2,000 stores including non-food retail.

One of over 30 subsidiaries of Reliance Industries Limited, the Reliance Retail Division also has over 25 subsidiaries of their own. Given the growth of the retail industry in India this will be a good company to watch..if you can keep up with it all.

An impressive company not only in their way of doing business but also in their culture. I was very impressed with their Corporate Film available at the link HERE.

Though they just call themselves Ahold, Royal Ahold is what I've always gone with. Even though they are nowhere near their former glory of being in the top 10 of global retailers, their recovery from a number of scandals, divestures and more is still very impressive. I wouldn't count them out from getting back near the top eventually.

For years it was an odd pairing that Ruddick Corp. had. American & Efrid, a textiles manufacturer and the Harris Teeter supermarket chain but no more. As of November 2011 they sold off their interest in A&E to focus on Harris Teeter and are expected to rename the company Harris Teeter Corporation in 2012.

They did have international operations at one time with stores in Mexico, U.K., Australia and more but most were sold off in the 1980's. Today to my knowledge the only international business they have are their stores in Western Canada.

The Seventh Continent website itself does not have English content that is easy to find but if you look hard enough you can find a fair amount about them at the link to the left. The Annual Report link is just a press release on results but it is an interesting one with lots of fine print.

CP Lotus is the retail division of Chareon Pokphand Group of Thailand, another large conglomerate of many businesses beyond food retail. Lotus has 46 stores in the more populous regions with the majority being in Guangdong and Shangai .

A relatively new find for me, they have 25 stores in Singapore with plans to open more over the next few years. Founded in 1985 by the Lim brothers who prior to that worked on their father's pig farm.

Present in 15 African countries they have been the ones to watch in that region. With Wal-Mart's purchase of Massmart it will be interesting to see how it affects their operations and growth and vice versa.

Related to Makro above, this is the SHV Holdings information for the full business in their name.

Also owned by SHV above, Siam Makro has 48 cash & carry warehouse stores in Thailand. Their Annual has some impressive store interior photos for you to check out too.

Involved in foodservice as well as food retail, they have 130 stores. 100 are corporate and the others independently owned. In 2011 all were to have been converted to the Emte Supermarketen brand.

A co-operative with 1,900,000 members they have over 1,600 stores / outlets in Finland that includes supermarkets, hypermarkets, restaurants and more.

A rapidly growing company from Portugal, they plan to focus on international expansion in the coming years. In 2010 alone they opened 46 stores in Spain (I am unsure which banner and if they are food retail type stores)...yet another company to watch.

Throughout Mexico they have been increasing their store count by leaps and bounds in less than 10 years. In 2001 they had 108 locations and at the end of 2010 they had 508 with 40 openings in 2010 alone.

Part of the Spar franchise group below, be forewarned, connecting to their links is random at best. Very hit and miss.

More than 12,000 stores worldwide carry the Spar name. A complex business to explain but franchise network may sum it up best. In North America not many have heard of them where in most of the rest of the world they are common knowledge.

Operating in the state of Michigan, they have 97 stores under four different banners as well as being a wholesale distributor to independent retailers in three states.

Owners of the Plus chain their website is in Dutch only so it is difficult to determine much about them. The Annual Report is also Dutch only.

Founded in 1936 they have 167 supermarkets in 6 counties in the state of California employing 18,000 people.

Their primary business is the operation of department stores and do business in many countries and have for some time. In Russia for example it is a new expansion for many companies but Stockmann have been there since 1989.

Better known simply as Sunshine, they are a diverse retailer in Malaysia that operates supermarkets, departments stores, convenience stores and more. A very detailed Annual Report.

With operations in five Middle Eastern countries they have a growing presence in retail there where they operate stores in five different formats and also have operations that include restaurants, fashion and more.

Unfortunately both their website and Annual Report are in Spanish only. They operate four different chains in Peru including Plaza Vea and Vivanda.

With more than 2,500 stores under 15 different banners they are the third largest food retailer (as in supermarket chains) in the U.S. after Kroger and Safeway respectively. Growth through acquisition has been the key to their size.

Mainly a department store business, they plan to open their first store in China in August of 2012 with future plans for more stores there as well as Singapore and surrounding countries.

Into 2013 we'll see their impact on the competition in Canada. Wal-Mart hasn't done food retailing to the extent it was feared they would. What will Target do?

In the U.S. they own 38% of the troubled A&P chain. Overseas they have sold off some of their other holdings in recent years. They eventually sold off their interests in the Plus chain in 2009 after a brief ownership split with Edeka. They have been rebranded Netto. Also in 2009 the sold off their Austrian Zielpunkt chain.

Very much admired, respected and quite often imitated, they now have operations in 14 countries and continue to grow their business. A great corporate video available HERE speaks to their strategy and vision for the future.

Primarily a department store business, Tokyu Corporation is another diverse Japanese company with interests also in real estate, railways and other forms of transportation and more.

A chain of 128 stores in New York and Pennsylvania once owned by Ahold, they were among the businesses to suffer from their accounting scandals that began in 2003. By 2007 they were sold off to the firm Morgan Stanley Equity in Ahold's restructuring to focus on other businesses.

Based in California they are a retailer owned co-operative that adapts their name whenever they do mergers with other businesses they aquire. They have been known as Certified Grocers of California and Unified Western Grocers to Unified Grocers since 2008 after a merger with Associated Grocers of Seattle.

Primary distributor to Whole Foods in the U.S. for over 13 years, they extended their agreement with them to run to the year 2020. They have their own small network of 12 natural foods stores under the Earth Origins Markets name.

Village Supermarkets only part of Wakefern co-operative


Part of the Wakefern controlled Shoprite co-operative are Village Supermarkets operating 26 stores in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Being part of the group, they do not have their own individual website that I am aware of.

Whenever ther is talk about Wal-mart and how big they have become (27 countries to date) I always have to remind folks that they started with one store in Arkansas. What really separates them from other retailers is that they do more things right than they do wrong when it comes to business, operations and most importantly, people. Where they are today compared to where they started from is the simple proof to that.

I kept the old logo for Wal-Mart Mexico here only to indicate the Mexico & Centro America separate Annual Report. Still rolling into Wal-Mart internationals numbers, this divison is responsible for the 2,200+ stores in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Both their website and annual report are in German only but google translate works very well with them. Once partners with Edeka, they entered into a new agreement in 2011 where Rewe Group acquired a 25.1% interest in Wasgau who have 90 super and hyper markets plus 7 cash & carry outlets in Austria.

65% owned by the Weis family and based in Pennsylvania they have 164 stores in 5 states. Their website offers an interesting 360 degree Virtual Tour of one of their stores HERE. Check it out.

Their acquisition of the Coles Group / Coles Myer in 2007 gave them the solid foothold in Australian retail. With well over 2,000 stores in multiple formats and banners, they are present in every state and territory of Australia.

Operating more than 300 stores in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., they are the world's biggest retailer of natural and organic foods and via media reports, television news stories etc., they have garnered a great reputation for innovative and high quality stores, merchandising and overall operation.

As of December 2011 they have agreed to be purchased by the Bi-Lo chain where they will maintain their own identity as a subsidiary. To date they have 484 stores in five southern states. My father who winters in Florida has always been impressed with the level of personal customer service from their employees at all of the locations he has visited. Impressive.

Another company I have watched and admired from afar for a number of years, they have 996 supermarkets in Australia and New Zealand as their core food retailing business. Including fuel, liquor, general merchandis stores and hotels, they have over 3,200 businesses / locations. Their motto on the corporate website simply says what other companies have forgotten to be. Simply "Passionate about retail". For them it clearly shows.

Unrelated to Woolworths above, they do have operations of clothing stores in Australia (Country Road) but they mainly do business in Africa and some parts of the Middle East. It would be easy to confuse the companies together just the same.

By sales they are Russia's largest retailer. Including franchise and convenience store operations they have over 3,600 locations. They also have an interesting Youtube channel where they have videos of all types posted showing everything from marketing and corporate events to loss prevention incidents. The link to it is HERE.



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