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This web site was developed as a resource to serve anyone interested in the business of food retailing either as an industry insider or as a curious consumer. Most important is that these pages contain FREE information that is hard to find elsewhere.

In operation since the end of 2004, this site has had more than 164,000 unique visitors, over 232,400 visits from more than 200 countries, 475,275 page views and well over 10,870,000 hits.

Food Retail World is one of the top results returned by most search engines using terms such as "Food Retail" and other similar keywords. That is quite a feat for a site that has not financed it's way to the top of the rankings or played on keywords or any other trick to be among the top search results...All of it is simply thanks to people like you who have visited the site. Hopefully you will find it to be a great resource and will make many visits here.

Here is what you will find on Food Retail World :

~ Links to more than 2,400 food retailing companies. Though there are many definitions, what you will find here are parent companies and chain stores for Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, Food Markets, Hypermarkets and more from 142 countries around the world.

~ News and Information Links that I have personally found to be interesting or informative as it relates to the industry.

~ Sales information on leading retailers from around the world compiled from a variety of sources. Wherever possible I have also included links to their most recent Annual Report.

~ Links to other Annual Reports for Food Retailing companies from around the world to offer a glimpse of operations and results from foreign countries.

~ Assorted reports and information that I have found to be a great resource in learning more about the industry and includes information on specific countries.

~ Gallery pages of stores from around the world.

~ Information on Private Label in the world of Food Retail.

~ Special information on retailers to do with charitable works, disaster relief and more. (Currently under construction)

~ Planogram information. What they are, what they do and what are the results and benefits from using them. (Currently under construction)

~ Definitions and terminology used in food retailing. (Currently under construction)

~ Information and reviews on media related to food retailing. (Currently being revised and updated)

If you know of or have any information you would like to see here or would like to share here (free to visitors), feel free to contact me by e-mail at : or via

my Facebook page at or by my Facebook e-mail at

I welcome any comments and feedback you may have. Thanks for visiting !


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